Ushtrimet mund të përmirësojnë shëndetin tuaj, mirëpo vetëm nëse i bëni siç duhet.

Disa ushtrime mund të jenë të rrezikshme nëse nuk bëhen ashtu siç duhet dhe mund të shkaktojnë lëndime serioze.

Keshillohet që të ushtroni nën mbikëqyrjen e instruktorit, por nëse keni vendosur të ushtroni në shtëpi, atëherë kushtoni mirë kujdes këtyre ushtrimeve.

Ushtrimet galuc janë të shkëlqyeshme për trupin, nëse bëhen siç duhet, sepse në të kundërtën mund të shkaktojnë lëndime të shpinës dhe gjunjëve. Ato kërkojnë lëvizjen e shpinës, kërdhokullave dhe vitheve në mënyrën në të cilën nuk jemi mësuar.

Edhe pse shumica nesh mendon që i bën në mënyrë të drejtë, jo rrallë ndodh që të lakohemi më shumë sesa duhet.

Prandaj, më së miri është të ushtrohet para pasqyrës apo të xhirohet ushtrimi, sepse vetëm kështu mund të shohim ku po gabojmë.

SQUAT CORRECTION 👨🏻‍🏫 – Butt winks are super common. I see it all the time around the gym and I used to do it myself a lot when I was a little naïve/lazy with my mobility. – Chest dropping down/leaning over is also just as common, usually happens when the weight is either too heavy, or you’re just fatigued and try and pump out too many reps. – A butt wink is when there’s a posterior tilt and your butt curls under at the bottom of the squat. Tight hamstrings is a pretty common cause for butt wink, but not the only one. Everyone’s different so there isn’t really a one size fits all solution. – Something that helped me out was filming myself squatting from the side and back. Often times you can fix the problem just after visually seeing it. – And if you can’t fix it immediately, watching the video will help you pinpoint where exactly you’re going wrong, and from here you can make efforts to fix your specific issue.

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Hapi bëhet ashtu që gjuri gjendet në linjë me nyjën, derisa kombliku qëndron drejt dhe neutral. Gjuri nuk bën të kalojë linjën e gishtave të këmbës, sepse në të kundërtën mund të bëhen zgjatje të tepërta dhe lëndime të tejzave dhe venave.

Shtytja aktivizon gjithë trupin dhe shumica thonë që është më e mirë se ushtrimet e barkut dhe nyjave. Trupi duhet të jetë rrafsh me dyshemenë, pa i ngritur shumë kërdhokullat dhe peshën e shpërndarë barabar. Frymëmarrja gjithashtu është e rëndësishme, sepse ky ushtrim kërkon përqendrim dhe disiplinë.

✖️BULGARIAN SPLIT SQUAT✖️ – ♿️One of favourite lower body exercise. I absolutely wrecked myself with these once I was done filming. If they aren’t currently in your routine, get them in there! – The clips marked with an “❌” are the incorrect examples I see most often & there are several things wrong with them. It may seem slightly exaggerated to some, but this is what I see on a daily basis. – 1️⃣Shoulders and spine rounding forward. This is actually quite easy to do whenever you’re holding weight in front. I would advise filming yourself from the side to make sure you aren’t 2️⃣Partial range of motion – probably because the weight is too heavy or you don’t have adequate mobility for the exercise. 3️⃣Performing the exercise too fast with no control. – The video marked with a ✅ is how I perform the exercise & how I teach it to clients. – 1️⃣Stand 4-5 inches in front of a bench with your feet shoulder width apart from each other. The body should be facing forwards away from the bench 2️⃣Lift the dumbbells and hold them by our side with a neutral grip. 3️⃣One foot should be moved backwards so that it  rests on the bench, whilst the other foot is positioned in front. 4️⃣Stick your chest up, pull your shoulder blades back and down and ensure your spine is not rounded forward. 5️⃣Gradually lower the leg until it is low enough to feel a contraction. Ensure that the knee doesn’t hit the floor and the knee should be over your toes. 6️⃣I like to pause at the bottom for 1-2 seconds and focus all my energy into exploding through the front foot. 7️⃣As you exhale your breath, lift your leg back to the starting position. 8️⃣Once performed for desired number of reps, return to the starting position and perform with the opposing leg. – 💎BONUS TIP: Having a random man vaccuming in the background has been shown to improve coordination, focus and can even produce more muscle gains. Try it out. – 🙋‍♂️COMMENT below if you have a video request or suggestion. • ❤️TURN ON Post Notifications • 🗣TAG a friend that needs to see this.

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Te frymëmarrja e ndalur nuk bën të lironi shpinën, por drejtohuni, mbani shpatullat pas, lakoni pak këmbët dhe ngadalë bëni ushtrime.

Fix Your Form Series | 26 – ✖️PUSH UPS✖️ – 🔍One of the most utilised, but most butchered exercises in all the land. After extensive research and investigation, I’ve managed to track down and hopefully ELIMINATE the three main offenders. – The clips marked with an “❌” are the incorrect examples I ALWAYS see. Lets start with the first offender. – 1️⃣THE NEWBIE – When I was 14 I got called out at footy training for doing push ups like this. Dropping my head to the ground instead of my chest, flaring my elbows out. Terrible, absolutely terrible. It’s really just a combination of weakness and terrible form – 2️⃣THE HUMPER – Ah yes, the humper. Earns its name for good reason. These ‘push ups’ resemble something you’d see your dog doing to an unlucky pillow. Usually a result of little to no strength through the chest and triceps. So instead, the lower back and hips are used to compensate. – 3️⃣THE GROUP FITNESS – Most group fitness classes usually consist of about 45728 reps. Most people either a) don’t know how to do the exercise so will copy the person next to them (who’s also doing it wrong) OR b) will sacrifice form in order to perform as many reps as possible. Instead, slow down, and ask the instructor for assistance. – The video marked with a ✅ is how I perform the exercise & how I teach it to clients. – 1️⃣Position your body with your arms straight out, abs tight, holding your body in a plank position. 2️⃣Hands and arms should be positioned directly below your shoulders, fingers pointed forwards. Shoulders are pushed down away from your ears. 3️⃣Lower your body until your chest is an inch or two above the floor, ‼️elbows pulling back at roughly a 45 degree angle (not 90 dammit)‼️ 4️⃣Push your torso away from the ground until your arms lock, lower yourself back down with control. 5️⃣Repeat for desired number of reps. – 🙋‍♂️COMMENT below if you have a video request or suggestion. • ❤️TURN ON Post Notifications • 🗣TAG a friend that needs to see this.

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Pompat japin më shumë rezultate kur bëhen ashtu siç duhet. Nuk është me rëndësi sa seri i bëni, por si i bëni. Mbani bërrylat saktësisht në nivel me supet, jo anash dhe stomaku le të jetë i shtrënguar gjatë gjithë kohës.